While humankind is threatened by climate change, no adequate action is being taken. The scientific communities agrees that life will suffer irreversible changes if temperatures increase of +2°C above pre-industrial period's temperature. Yet, we are already at +1.6°C and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change will lead us to at least +3°C seen the present level of countries' engagements. And even the Paris Agreement is now at great risk due the counter attack of the fossil interest, with the US as the most significant example.

Few governments have taken concrete action and Climate Change is absent in the political debate. Yet 73% of Americans, and 83% of Europeans, consider climate a high priority, as do citizens in other continents. Even dramatic events are ignored by political institutions. Australia has lost one third of its unique Great Barrier Reef. The millennial ice at the poles is shrinking faster than expected and melting permafrost is releasing millions of cubic meters of methane, a climate disruptor much more powerful than the CO2 emissions, the only subject of the Paris Agreement.

The impacts of Climate Change are evident in every corner of the planet, with already 40 millions of climate refugees. Yet, the deference to fossils' interests is conditioning political institutions to an irresponsible lack of action or to a direct boycotting of the commitments taken in Paris.

The most glaring example is President Trump’s action against Climate Change control.  President Trump has been elected by a minority of Americans, yet his actions go well beyond American frontiers, affecting all of us.

It is urgent to recognize that we are in an unprecedented emergency and to form new and global alliances in favor of humanity and common destiny to stop this saga of greed and irresponsibility. Greed and fear cannot become the deciding elements of the political progress.

We invite you to sign this call for action and to hear the voices of the scientific community with  their extreme concern for the growing risk for us and for future generations.

We include the last of call of scientists pdf and denounce that those in power are ignoring more and more the voices of their citizens. To arrest Climate Change is also a question of democracy and social justice. Let's fight for our dignity and our right to a livable world!