RomeSymposium on Climate Change in 2017.
The World at a Turning Point.

Proposals for action at the RomeSymposium 2017 will open up an important debate on how to address the fundamental causes of climate change and environmental degradation. This will entail transformational change in our economies, societies and behaviour.

The inescapable climate action will be considered from five perspectives:

science Scientific
Monitor the climate trends and the speed of global temperature increases and climate impacts; develop scenarios and containment techniques of global warming; reversing the destruction of terrestrial and ocean ecosystems and restoring degraded lands.
ethics Moral
Strengthen and consolidate the efforts of civil society, associations, cities, states for a respectful behaviour of the climate and the world we live in.
economy Economic
Outline new strategies for growth, consumption and production of energy, which tackle the causes of climate change.
development Development
Reduce poverty and accelerate progress in developing countries; strengthen and extend sustainable, low-carbon agriculture.
security Security
Ensure the security and peace of people and combat the causes of forced climate migration reviving international cooperation.