esa esrin

ESRIN, known as the ESA Centre for Earth Observation, is one of the five ESA specialised centres in Europe. Located in Frascati, a small town 20 km south of Rome in Italy, ESRIN was established in 1966 and first began acquiring data from environmental satellites in the 1970s.

tempio di adriano

The structure where the Symposium is setted is in Piazza di Pietra, Rome, located in the Adraneus, the palace of the old roman legion of Campo Marzio. When Emperor Adrianb died, the palace become a Temple dedicated to his divinization.
Emperor Adrian, historians say, had a successful politics of peace, both internal and external to Rome, that stopped the invasion of Romans against other populations. He also was a wise administrator. For these reasons, RomeSymposium elected this see as its own proscenium.


ESA ESRIN - European Space Research Institute